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How to Develop an App: The Legal Issues

By | source:Legal123 May 28th, 2016

This infographic will walk you through the legal bases you need cover for each step of app development. 

We’ve all had our ideas for apps. What if you could fling enraged songbirds at smug farm animals? Doesn’t that sound awesome? Someone should get on that. They’ll need this guide though, because the legal system is not simple, and if they miss any one of these steps they might well be kicking themselves further down the road.

This guide was made for Australia, but the legal necessities are pretty much universal. The IP protection step specifies IP Australia, which I guess is a single government body, but you can slot in whatever agency you need to deal with in your country.

Or maybe you don’t have one country, maybe you’re a digital nomad, roaming the world developing and designing for others or for yourself, living wherever the wind may take you. In that case, good luck figuring out all the app legal stuff on top of your visa woes, and you should probably check out this infographic on how to digital nomad like a boss.