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How Companies Hack Your Brain With Colors

By | source:Here Mar 9th, 2019

In order to create successful businesses, marketers formulate intricate strategies that create lasting impressions on customers.  One very important component of product and brand presentation is color.

Colors have the ability to evoke different emotions, which in turn helps consumers develop favorable opinions and relationships with particular products.  For example, the color red is known to induce a sense of urgency. This is why it’s most commonly used for sales.

Another way red colors influence us is by making us hungry.  It’s the most used color by fast food companies. No wonder Ronald Mcdonald’s nose and hair are red.

Green on the other hand is a very soothing color that’s very easy on the eyes.  Subconsciously it’s linked to nature and relaxation. Unsurprisingly, a lot of companies in the health and organic sector have utilized the qualities of the color green.

If you are looking for companies that are loyal to clients, think of ones with blue logos.  Ford, Nivea, and many others that have chosen this as their main color are known to be all about their customers.

Marketers have become quite stealthy nowadays.  They have found various ways to hack our brains and sway us with small details like colors.  So if roses are red and violets are blue, beware of colors, because sellers want to influence you.