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The Fascinating Psychology Of Shopping Online and Offline

By | source:Here Mar 10th, 2019

Who doesn’t like shiny new stuff? For most westerners, shopping isn’t only a way to get food, shelter, and clothing; it’s a way of living and understanding the world. Regardless of your personal views on the matter, the blatant consumerism of a majority of westerners drives the world’s economy and also gives fascinating insights in the way we see the world.

Even though it’s common to think that the digital era has completely changed the way we shop, at its core most of the underlying logics have been present since the advent of the Modern Era (AKA the nineteenth century).

Regardless of the way we shop, we’re still mostly dependent on our senses of sight and touch. That’s why colorful websites and retail windows intrigue us and are still effective marketing tools. This is so common that supermarkets place the products they want you to buy in the eye-level shelves: you are more likely to buy it if it’s the first thing that grabs your attention.

All in all, shopping is an experience for the senses: who hasn’t lingered in a store just to finish listening to a song you really like? If you want to know more about the psychology of shopping, here’s an infographic with everything you need to know.