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How Branding and Instagram Go Hand-in-Hand

By | source:adweek Oct 3rd, 2015

Instagram has become a mega player for promotion of products and services. From local bike shops to international event producers, creating an inviting and creative voice is vital. As an avid Instagram user myself I’ve also witnessed my own transition from funny and artsy pictures of my friends to following big names like Doritos.

Instagram isn’t alone in the brand takeover. Almost all major social media platforms have around half of their active userbase subscribed to a brand’s fan page or channel in some way. Instagram does have a leg-up in one category of user interaction: brand research.

Instagram users are using the app to research brands and products at a much higher rate than any other social player. Surprising, but my opinion is that instagram can provide information in a very quick, consumable way (just like infographics). This has given them the upper-hand with brand-consumer relationships.