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How Advertising Makes Us Buy

By | source:Visualistan Aug 22nd, 2015

Everyone has seen the ads, the commercials, and the sales when we go shopping. There are so many ads that it is a wonder that any of them stand out. Companies and advertisers have created different methods that are aimed at getting the attention of consumers. These methods all work extremely well at getting the consumer to buy their products. This infographics show the different methods advertisers use on consumers.

Essentially there are four methods advertisers use to entice consumers. The first one is emotional response. A nice friendly logo that resembles a face and makes people smile like Amazon’s logo uses this method. The next method is targeted insecurities. All the weight loss, diet, hair restorations, and body images advertisements use this method. The third method used is instinct. This is way all the sale items are tagged with red letters or signs, it is to draw attention. The fourth method used is planning. This is why stores look like a maze, they are designed for you to look at all of their merchandise.

These methods are used to entice the public to purchase their product. To know these methods hopefully will make you a better shopper. The next time you go shopping, look around the store and see what method they are using.