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The Earth’s Layers are So Cute

By | source:Rachelignotofsky Aug 21st, 2015

If this isn’t the cutest cross section of our Earth you’ve ever seen, I’ll eat my hat.* The outer core hugging the inner core gives me the warm fuzzies, or should I say the hot nickels.

Like most people, I forgot the names of the layers of the atmosphere in the very moment that I handed in the quiz, but I’d be very happy to learn them again. Other than the names of the layers and their order, this info-artwork, as I shall call it, conveys some information about the layers in a simple, effective way. Satellites are in the exosphere, meteors burn up in the mesosphere, and hot air balloons hang out on the edge of the stratosphere.

The best news is, it’s a poster! You can put it on your classroom wall, your kid’s room wall, your bedroom wall, your man cave wall, and I dare say on the ceiling if you’re inclined.

If you want to know more about the innards of our planet, check out this infographic about mining for ore and oil.

*offer void where impossible