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The Hidden Benefits To Growing a Garden

By | source:Here Apr 4th, 2019

You reap what you sow. That’s a somewhat ominous yet encouraging phrase that you may have heard here and there. But there is some truth in that statement, quite literally, in the context that I am writing about. If you garden, you’ll reap what you sow! But it’s not just fruits and vegetables that you’ll reap, you may also find that your health and mood can be boosted by starting your own garden.

Gardening is more physical work than one might imagine. You have to dig, rake, plant, water, and maintain the whole thing. Since you’ll be doing a lot of stretching, lifting, and walking during this process, you’ll have a new form of daily exercise. Additionally, the food you consume from your garden will be fresh and good for your health. Studies show that people who garden tend to have a healthier diet as a result. And they get to save money on groceries!

The difficulty of getting started and the hard work that goes into the garden are undoubtedly outweighed by all of the positives that you reap from it: you get to spend time outdoors, you exercise, your mood can improve, you save money on groceries, and you’ll have fresh, healthy, in season vegetables! So grab your shovel, and hope that it isn’t winter when you’re reading this so you can start right away.