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April Fool’s Jokes Are Actually Good For Your Health

By | source:Here Apr 3rd, 2019

Ever thought about giving someone donuts filled with mayonnaise?   Or maybe filling their toothpaste tube with horseradish?  If so, then you probably enjoy a quality April Fool’s prank.  Before your victim strangles you, try to explain that you’re actually looking out for their health.

The international day of pranksters, jokers, and tricksters is loaded with humor.  So if we laugh around 18 times on a regular day, on April first that number is at least double.  Don’t worry, if your day consists of laughing at memes and tweets, you’re showing signs of great mental fitness.

On occasion, however, jokes can be more on the darker side.  If you enjoy that type of humor, rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with you.  In fact, research shows that appreciation for dark humor is a sign of high intelligence.  So if you thought American Psycho was more like a comedy, congratulations! You’re a genius!  And probably under surveillance on April 1st.

Getting a good chuckle makes the day just a little better.  It brings people together, strengthens relationships, and reduces tension.  Just remember, it’s one thing give your friends a mixed bag of Skittles and m&m’s, but giving them water with laxatives is just evil.  Happy pranking!