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Health Habits, Worldwide

By | source: Feb 28th, 2012

Health, while important, is easily shoved to the back burner. Convenience is frequently chosen over health, which is why fast food chains have continued to be a popular choice for meals. Films such as Super Size Me and many other food related documentaries on Netflix have to offer, people should be inspired to eat better and keep their health in check.

Across countries, whole grains are considered to be the top healthy food, and is consistently in the top three health food purchased by region. Other popular health foods are yogurt, iodine enhanced salt and low cholesterol butter or margarine. World inhabitants looking to loose weight are quick to change their diet, which is important for weight loss, and is followed by exercise. And while over 50% of the world percieves themselves to be over weight, the highest percentage is in North America. North Americans need to change their diet, start exercising and begin to see themselves more positively. [Via]