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Hacking the Brain with Prescription Drugs

By | source: Oct 26th, 2012

As a college student, talk of prescription drug abuse is very nonchalant. Everyone at my campus knows someone who is prescribed adderall or vyvanse and can acquire the drug within a very short amount of time for a very competitive price. After studying this infographic I was not surprised to see that most brain-hacking drug users remain in the education industry. Scientists, professors and researchers use these drugs to have an edge above their competitors or to keep up with the work load.

One of the more concerning aspects of the today’s graphic is that middle-schoolers are using the prescription drugs more and more. 5.2% of eight graders have used a mentally performance enhancing drug. When I was in eighth grade I though I was a badass for saying ‘shit’ in school. Now they are using adderall or other prescription stimulants? These drugs are not made for humans that young. These young adults do not know the right dosage or time-of-day to take these drugs and could cause addiction or other health problems that could create very serious problems in a very early stage of life.

Abuse of these mind hacking drugs is one of the fastest growing problems of our generation. As long as doctors keep prescribing these harmful drugs to too many youngsters the problem will continue to grow. Although some children really do need these drugs to function regularly, my personal opinion is that the requirements and potency of these drugs should wait until the patient is of age – the same as tobacco or alcohol. The availability of these drugs to young Americans needs to diminish if the trend of usage wants to decrease. [AllTreatment Drug Rehabilitation]