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Going to the Chapel

By | source: Aug 9th, 2011

I write this post from Omaha, Nebraska. We went north to the mid west to see my lovely cousin marry her high school sweet heart, which only makes this post more appropriate. Weddings are such a big milestone in life, and are accompanied by a very big price tag. While some can afford a nice 30,000 wedding, most of us will definitely be trying to pinch pennies and bring this tag down a bit.

According to this infographic, June is the most popular month to become wed, so choosing a different month that is not in the peak time will lower location costs. Also, I’m a big fan of asking for help, especially when the help can reduce the cost of such an important day. Asking friends and family for help will alleviate stress and save you money. If you have talented friends, ask if they will help make the cake, arrange flowers or make favors.

This infographic is a good peek in the breakdown of the typical “big day.” We’ll see how this fares against my cousin’s wedding on Saturday! [Via]