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Get More Out Of Gmail With These Hacks

By | source:Here Dec 4th, 2017

Over 1.2 million people actively use Gmail services, but do we really know how to take advantage from it? Apparently not, if you’re like most of us and still carry around a messy inbox where unread emails pile up every day.

I think I’m not alone when I say that my email inbox is a mess. Emails keep going to the next page, but in general, I always have a TON of mail waiting to be read, things get lost and I end up asking people to re-send things and remind me in person they did it. Okay, maybe I’m already a hot mess but most days I’d like my mail to work with me, instead of against me.

An overflowing inbox can actually reduce your productivity, and make your workflow come to a halt if you’re not careful. Besides, the constant stress of an out-of-control inbox can add to your already cluttered headspace. In order to avoid losing hours on end looking for an email you can’t find, tackle the problem at the root and streamline your inbox from the get-go.

There are also some handy tricks on here, like undoing send.

Decluttering your inbox might also have nice side effects: seeing a clean screen every time you open your email might be the little haven in the chaos that our daily lives can become.