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Our State Capitol Buildings: How Do They Measure Up?

By | source:Here Dec 3rd, 2017

State capitol buildings are examples of fairly standard but impressive pieces of architecture. Not only are they appreciable   feats of construction and engineering, but they have a timeless aesthetic to them. Just google and look at Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford. That building is probably the most gorgeous one out of all 50 of them. Sure, it may not be the oldest, biggest, or even the most expensive state capitol building, but the architecture of it is enough to overshadow the rest of them.

However, I am not here to debate which state has the prettiest capitol building; I will leave that for the comments. Instead, I have brought this infographic to teach you a thing or two about these marvels of architecture.

So, if you ever wondered which state capitol building is the oldest, which has the biggest price tag, and which has the most state employees, then you have come to the right place. Spoilers: Maryland State House is the oldest one, and New York State Capitol is the most expensive.