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Faxing: The “Dinosaur” That Just Won’t Die

By | source: Aug 2nd, 2013

Whether you call it a telecopier, telefax, facsimile, or a scanning photo-telegraph, the fax machine is a luxury that we all hold near and dear to our hearts. Okay, maybe not, but fax machines are still very important in the business world and they donâ??t seem to be going away anytime soon. One would imagine that cell phones or e-mail would have killed the fax by now, but one should think again. Since electronic signatures did not catch on as well as expected, the fax is still a leading portal to receive legitimate signed documents from business partners and clients.

Fax87 is an online fax service provider and they are making it easier than ever for people that donâ??t have the luxury of owning a sleek fax machine to receive faxes via e-mail! Having a fax number makes you look like you have a really legitimate business. So even if you are simply making taxidermy squirrels hold signs while rooting for popular football teams, slap a fax number on your business card and The Bass Pro Shop will be faxing you up about a contract in less than a week! That might be a stretch but itâ??s worth a shot! The computer based faxing market is looking to almost double from $350 million to $620 million by 2015. Now thatâ??s something to fax about!

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