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Audience and Marketer Insights on Digital Advertising

By | source: Aug 3rd, 2013

Looking for marketing advice to add some leverage to your online advertising campaigns? Check out the IDG Knowledge Hub’s infographic displaying the benefits of utilizing more “native” style ads in your advertising campaigns instead of traditional, banner style advertising.

Internet advertising is a constantly changing business, and in order to remain successful within a progressive business, those pursuing internet advertising careers should open their eyes up to the substantial benefits of utilizing “native” ads instead of standard, banner-style ads.

Banner ads are your standard, stereotypical ads that show up at the top and bottom of webpages, almost completely out of context with whatever webpage you are visiting, that blandly attempt to draw viewers to whatever it is they are advertising. Although banner ads have proven to be successful in the past, we live in a very progressive, changing culture, with a very strong, youthful presence, who gets fed up with traditional, banner style ads.

With that being said, native ads offer webpage viewers a fresh alternative to advertising. Native ads are embedded within a webpage’s content, and are somewhat related to a webpage’s content. Additionally, native ads are more straightforward about their purpose as ads, unlike banner ads, that force their way onto a webpage just because their company “paid” to have their ad on a website.

In conclusion, native ads are the closest thing advertising can get to honesty, which in our modern-day culture is hard to come by, and greatly appreciated.