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The Best Shoes For Hiking, Weightlifting, Cycling, & More

By | source:Here Aug 3rd, 2018

Even if your fitness plan includes a healthy dose of both cardio and strength training, you may be neglecting the most important part of the equation: your feet.

Most of us really don’t think about our feet very much. Come on, I can’t be the only one that only looks at them once in a while in the shower, just to make sure they’re covered in soapy water. Ahem.

But even though they don’t get a lot of love, your feet could make or break your fitness journey. Experts say that the number of nerve endings in our feet could an be the physical foundation for overall well-being, and things as little as muscle strains can lead to long-lasting consequences.

That’s why it’s key to invest in the right support for your feet for every step of your journey. It seems obvious that shoes dedicated to running aren’t built for 3-day hikes, or that flip-flops aren’t made for lifting weights, but all too often we just buy a pair of sneakers and think we’re set for all our fitness needs.

Using the same pair of shoes for everything makes it easy for fungi and odors to thrive in your socks (ugh!), and it can lead to injuries and even hinder your performance in the gym. Of course there’s also the barefoot school of thought