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The Eclectic Nature Of Ad Agency Personnel

By | source:Here Feb 23rd, 2019

Directly or indirectly, most people have had some experiences with ad agencies — a structured system of different individuals that bring your ideas to life.  But there’s so much more to them than just position titles. 

This tongue-in-cheek infographic adds a little more personality to the daily life ad agency personnel. Let’s start with the accounts manager. They spend most of their day on the phone trying to persuade customers that less work for more money is the only way to do things.  Accounts people also have the tall task of making clients understand that their expectations are unrealistic.

Not everyone on board is the social type, so to speak.  The developers spend most of their time coding, looking for an isolated room to hide in, and more coding.  Also, they tend to quietly question their co-workers’ intellectual capacity. Power to you, developer!

In every business, there must be a money guy.  In agencies, that’s the finance department.  They calculate to see where to spend money and when to invest. 

In a fun way, these different personalities mesh together quite beautifully to bring your idea to life in a compelling ad campaign.  It’s just a well-oiled machine that runs on stress and hard liquor.