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Doggie Connections

By | source: Dec 20th, 2013

As Doges have rampaged the internet this year, I thought it appropriate to have an infographic for all the doggies out there. Known commonly as “man’s best friend,” dogs have been perfect companions for humans over many centuries. They’re just so cute and lovable and OH MY GOD PUPPIES. HAVE YOU SEEN PUPPIES?! Whew, sorry, I get a little emotional about how awesome puppies are.

Anyways, lets not forget how much dogs love us! We give them food and play and walks and love so the relationship is mutual. I wonder if dogs bark about how man is “dog’s best friend”…

Now then, about this infographic: It seems that there has been some recent genetic evidence of dogs belonging to four distinct and different categories. These groups include wolf-like (with the closest genetically to wolves), herders (those who herd or either descend from herding dogs), hunters (breeds that were trained by humans in recent centuries), and mastiff-like (breeds that are often used as police and service dogs). Personally, I think this is a fun way to find out more about your dog and the lineage of the beasts we call friend.