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What You Need To Know Before Your Next Laundry Day

By | source:Here Nov 12th, 2019

Are you making these common laundry mistakes? Check out our handy guide for keeping your clothes looking as good as new.

If you’ve ever had your white shirts come out of the washer with a pink hue, or if your blue jeans have some weird looking stains even after washing twice, you need this guide!

Even though your mom might have given you a quick rundown of laundry basics, a little extra credit didn’t hurt anyone!

For starters, sort your laundry. This is usually done by color: whites, pastels, and light-colored things go together; dark colors on another pile. Super dirty clothes should go in their own, separate pile.

Now that you have your three piles, it’s time to sort them again. This time, sort them by the type of fabric. This means your towels will go in a different pile than your undies, and your jeans will go in their own pile.

This sorting will make it easier when it comes to choosing your detergent and washing cycle. If you really don’t have enough clothes of the same type to do a load, you can always merge piles (again) by color. Of course, make sure you select the cycle best suited for the more delicate garments.

If you want to know more, take a look at today’s guide with everything you need to do your laundry like a pro!