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Your Laundry Tags: Decoded

By | source:Here Feb 5th, 2020

Washing machine tags and symbols can seem like a whole other language. In fact, it kind of is! If you can’t decipher what each symbol means on your clothing tag, you run the risk of ruining your clothing by using the wrong machine settings.
Sure, it can be a bit tedious, but when you learn what each symbol means it can make your laundry process a whole lot easier. A lot of people tend to just throw all of their clothes into one round of washing (I’m guilty of this too) but this can wear down your clothing a lot faster than if they were taken care of according to their specific needs. For example, a sweater needs to be washed in an entirely different way than a pair of jeans. If you follow the tag language, you not only ensure that your clothes last as long as possible, but you’re also eliminating the risk of completely damaging an article in one wash.

It’s not just about using the washing machine though, there are also a set of rules when it comes to using bleach, dry cleaning, ironing, and other clothing care. Some items have tags that indicate that they shouldn’t even be put in the washing machine. Learning to read the laundry tags on your clothing is beneficial to anyone who wants to get the most life out of their wardrobe.