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Discovering Your Learning Style

By | source:Here Sep 11th, 2020

If you’ve studied successfully you’ve no doubt developed your own learning style. It should come as no surprise that learning styles differ from one person to the next.

Every day is a chance to learn.  Some people prefer to absorb knowledge in the classroom. For others, solitary study on a computer or from a pile of textbooks is the easiest way to learn. Why then do we persist in teaching our children in the same way?


Many people will combine learning styles as they grow and develop and some will develop new dominant styles to improve their learning outcomes. It is better to teach children to adapt to a combination of styles. We can adapt learning to a child’s dominant style and can still help them to learn to combine learning styles to improve outcomes.


This infographic helps teachers and parents to understand the different learning methods that children (and adults) use. By exposing children to a combination of styles we can help them to become more creative in their learning environments so that they can adapt and use more styles in the pursuit of learning outcomes.


Learning can be interesting and exciting. Mixing learning styles will help to make it so. And if you don’t yet know your learning style, it’s not hard to find out.