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College Drug Use

By | source: Apr 20th, 2012

As many of you know, today is a special day for those involved with the cannabis culture. What’s a better infographic to read about today than Drug Use On America’s Campuses?

According to the graphic, the only illicit drug that has lost popularity instead of gaining popularity in the last 20 years was acid. I’d love to say the drug war is working, but… I’ll you look at the facts yourself. Alcohol has also declined, but from 88% to 80% it is still safe to say the majority of college students love their booze.

The new drug of choice for college students is a performance enhancing drug called adderall, ritalin and many others. Over 50% of students have tried these drugs without a prescription. This ‘medicine’ is over-prescribed to our nation’s youth and is way too available on college campuses. The side-effects of mixing a college student’s two favorit drugs: speed and alcohol can be devastating. The energy provided by certain amphetamines can keep people awake and drinking until they poison themselves. (Didn’t Four Loco have to change their business because of this? Why doesn’t the prescription drug industry?)

College students will always go overboard with drugs and alcohol, the solution is to focus law enforcement resources on the more dangerous drugs. [Online Degrees]