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How the Internet is Ruining Your Brain

By | source: Apr 19th, 2012

Not only did the topic catch my attention, but the artistic style of the infographic is quite interesting. It looks like my sloppy handwriting, and it may not be clean in appearance, but these choices appear to be intentional and the infographic gets the point across.

So basically what today’s post is telling you is to get off the internet now. While we here at Daily Infographic love our strong fan base and regular readers, we encourage you to move on to life outside the internet after you read this. If you’re living in Austin like us, the weather this week has been fantastic and there’s no reason to not go outside and enjoy it. Sorry to lay it down so harshly.

There is no doubt a positive aspect to internet, when used correctly. Facebook offers a great means to organize events with friends and catch up with a little chat. The one thing on this infographic I agree most with is the multi-tasking and stressing. When you sit at a computer with 20 tabs on 3 different windows open, how can you be productive? I know some people claim to be multi-tasking masters, but there has to be a certain capacity where your brain just wants to give out. I know because it happens to me, more often than it should. What are your thoughts on this infographic? Comment below!