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Clean or Messy? What Does A CIO’s Desk Say About Them?

By | source:IDGEnterprise Aug 12th, 2015

Today’s infographic takes a look at the varying strengths and weaknesses depending on the level of tidiness of Chief Information Officer’s desks. Some of this info is pretty revealing, yet I can’t say if I could pick a side of cleanliness.

On the tidy side it seems that CIO executives can communicate better when their desk is very organized. This means communicating the value of IT to their firm, or having more communication with other executives. These attributes are vital to help fund the IT department as well as creating a company culture of respect towards those in IT.

Messy CIO’s also have their positives. They are more likely to spend money on emerging technologies. This could be vital to help the firm get an edge over competitors. Messy CIO’s also have a much better time retaining good talent. Maybe it is because a less organized work life may be more enjoyable? More free?

Like it or not the tidiness factor plays a role in how a business is run – how clean are you?