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14 Bizarre Ingredients Hidden in Your Food Labels

By | source:Food Packaging Labels Aug 13th, 2015

Reading labels on food packages has never been a priority for me. I have since then learned that reading food labels helps us be better informed about the food we are eating. They are important because they let us know the ingredients of the contents. Are they full of sugar and fats, or rich in protein, fibers, and vitamins? This infographics show 14 ingredients that are commonly in food that may or may not harm us.

I knew that some food contained chemicals to help them stay longer on the shelf. I never knew that popcorn contain a chemical that may harm my lungs. Who knew that ice cream contained parts from a beaver? I will never look at an ice cream cone the same way again. Lastly all those sodas that red, orange, yellow, or green get their coloring from tar. Sodas are fast becoming a no-no for me.

We rely on nutrition list to plan a healthier meal, but there are times when we simply don’t recognize an ingredient. Hopefully this post will make you think twice about some products that you are eating. Knowing what you put into your body will hopefully will lead to better health.