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Clean Carpet Conundrum

By | source: Jan 27th, 2013

Todayâ??s infographic cleverly lets us know that a visit from the RugDoctor is sometimes just as good as a visit from the Love Doctor. Whoever compiled this infographic had the audience in mind; with its visually stimulating and sharp arrangement it is more than easy on the eyes.

Itâ??s incredibly true for most of us that our carpets are not as clean as weâ??d like. Although itâ??s probably a good thing that our carpets arenâ??t as clean as our toilets (we sit on them a lot more), it can be pretty scary when you are lying down on the floor and can see all of the gunk at eye-level.

63% is a pretty high figure for the amount of people not satisfied with the cleanliness of their carpet. But, with all the grime that comes in on our shoes from outside, it is extremely difficult to keep it nice and spotless.

I hope that you can be one of the people that rise above the statistics on this infographic and have a clean carpet in your home. It really is true that a clean environment can help maintain a healthy mindâ??especially at home. Have a great day, yâ??all! [via]