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Why CBD Is The New Wonder Drug

By | source:Here Apr 29th, 2020

Known for its calming effects and lacking the addictive qualities of THC, CBD products have been quickly gaining popularity all over the country. Increasingly, CBD has been appearing in all kinds of products to help people treat everything from chronic pain to epilepsy. With product options ranging to include honey sticks, muscle gel, pet treats, as well as body lotion, CBD oil is even being used in Israeli clinical trials to help treat symptoms of COVID-19. Its gentle approach to healing has many people swearing by it as a go-to holistic cure and has even allowed many dealing with chronic illness to move away from more addictive prescription pain medication.
Starting with the Farm Bill in 2014 and bolstered by the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, the legalization of hemp has led to the popularization of CBD for a wide range of illnesses. Since most states consider CBD to be an extraction of hemp, it is not usually tied to the same restrictions as THC which has caused it to be federally legalized. This has led to CBD finding a place in everything from beauty products to medicine as an increasing number of studies are being done to unlock all of CBD’s potential.
While the legalization of marijuana is still a bit of a taboo subject in the US, it’s hard to deny that CBD is here to stay. Whether you love to live that 420 lifestyle, or are just looking for a less addictive/dangerous treatment for chronic illness, it seems CBD is the answer.