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Casinos Around the World

By | source: Dec 1st, 2011

December is here! The weather outside is frightful, but the casinos have the air conditioning set to just the right temperature for you! Let’s face it, you have no interest in going outside or doing anything productive right now, so just pack your bags and head on over to the nearest casino. Or maybe you’re too lazy to even leave your house for a casino, so check out this online casino guide ;).

I’ve never had the opportunity to sit at a casino table and gamble, but I’ve been to a few in my lifetime. I usually have a good time, the colors are so bright and vivid! Now that I am of legal age, The Bellagio is officially on my bucket list.

Since I’m not very experienced in this subject, I have nothing more to say. If you have any advice for my first time gambling in Vegas, comment below! On a final note, I will give you my advice. The winter months are cold and boring and daylight savings time sucks. So instead of going into a depressed state of wild gambling, consider learning some holiday tunes on an instrument. Also, if you don’t have someone to snuggle with, you better start looking now. [Via]