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Cars of the Silver Screen

By | source: Nov 17th, 2013

I love movies with badass cars. As a child I watched the movie The Love Bug probably a billion times. Although this car isn’t the typical “look at me I’m a sexy, fast car”, it’s still badass. I guess I just love the sixties flair and the fact that this car has a mind of its own in the movie. I mean come on, it’s a cute little 60’s volkswagon beetle that makes people fall in love. What a concept! Anyways enough about my childhood memories, lets look at these crazy cars!

I think it’s interesting different and unique each of these cars are. From James Bond to Ghostbusters to Back to the Future; each of these movies have iconic cars that we can only drive in our dreams (or in real life if you have buckets of money). I think my favorite car out of all of these would most likely be the Delorean DMC. It’s not just for the time traveling aspect (although that would be awesome), but for those sweet suicide doors! Something about the ridiculousness of doors like that are just amazing to me.

Anyways, this infographic has a lot of fun trivia and facts about each of these superstar cars which are fun to read and learn about. What’s your favorite movie car? Was it on this list. Let us know in the comments!