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Breakup Reasons

By | source: Dec 27th, 2013

How do we find reasons to break up? We spend months and even years getting to know every little thing about one single person, and then we throw all of that knowledge down the drain. Why do we do such a thing?

Whenever the decision is made by one person to break things off, depending on the reason, often times the idea seems great whenever they are alone, but whenever reunited with their current significant other splitting still seems too hard to do. Even people in abusive relationships have difficulty acquiring the courage to end a relationship that is ruining their lives.

Why would we have such a hard time leaving something that we genuinely want to leave? Addiction. Just like cigarettes or any other addictive substance, we make a lifestyle out of this person, our lives revolve around them and we begin to forget about ourselves. The addiction makes being around the person continue feel like a happy time, but then whenever we are away, the thoughts of how happy being single could be creep back into the mind.

Why can’t we all just date each other, and break up with each other and take pills to forget the past like that one movie with Jim Carrey?