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Bizarre Ways to Help You Fall Asleep

By | source:1800mattress Apr 22nd, 2016

Sleep is probably the thing we humans do more than anything else our entire lives. You think will all those hours of experience we’d be better at it, huh? For some reason sleep deprivations, restless nights and lack of shut-eye can happen to us all.

I would always value my sleep, and I believe it helped me; especially in school. Instead of the classic ‘all-nighter’ I’d make sure to go to bed very early. After a good night’s sleep I’d then study for a shorter amount of time, but with a fresh mind. I believe this helped me comprehend and remember my new knowledge.

Sleep does happen differently to everyone. Some of us fall asleep deep and fast. Some of us are very light sleepers. REM cycles differ from person to person.

Take a look at some of these innovative ideas for hitting the hay. I know I’ll be trying them out.