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Bike Sharing Is Sweeping The Globe

By | source:PeopleForBikes Sep 28th, 2015

If you live in a major metropolitan area chances are you’ve seen blue, green or red bikes stationed around the downtown area. These bikes are part of your city’s bike share program and could save you time and money on your commute.

Bike share has become extremely popular in dense areas like New York City and Mexico City. Ridership is in the millions across the nation and provides an affordable way to traverse the urban environment. Here in Austin, TX we’ve had B-Cycle bike share for 2 years now, and the program is gaining more traction every month. For $80 a year riders can have a membership for unlimited rides. Compared to the $8 per day charge on short-term riders the annual membership is a steal.

Tourist also love the bike share program. For less than a cab ride riders can have a healthy alternative to travel to different conferences and festivals. As bike share programs continue to grow over the next few years, don’t be surprised when you find yourself riding one.