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So The Internet Ran Out Of IP Addresses…

By | source:GhostProxies Sep 29th, 2015

You may know a lot about IP addresses, but if you’re like me you don’t know much. Sure, I use my IP address to access my router when it breaks, but do I know what my IP address actually stands for? Today’s infographic has helped me answer some of these questions.

IP addresses are a numerical label assigned to a website or device. IPv4, the address protocol our web was built on only had a range between to This only left 4.2 billion possible unique addresses. And guess what, we’ve used em’ all.

What’s next you say? We’ll we move on to IPv6. You won’t need to worry about IPv6 running out of addresses anytime soon, there are 340 undecillion possibilities. I could sit here and type out how large a number undecillion is, but it would save us both time if you just checked out the graphic to your left.

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