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Behind The Logo

By | source: Apr 6th, 2013

Hello all! My name is Lena Long, and this will be my first time writing for The Daily Infographic. I am a student at Texas State University studying geography with a minor in construction technologies and theater. I look forward to spilling my heart out to you readers on Saturday mornings. So, letâ??s jump right into it!

A good logo is an important stepping stone for the expansion and success of any business. Graphic designers work hard to create logos that companies will pay sometimes upward of $100 million to use. These designers take into account the way that different colors make the consumer feel, or how different fonts can represent a business.

An attractive, clean, and well known logo is something that consumers consciously and subconsciously use to help in their decisions to buy and use products. I can attest to this. I personally donâ??t enjoy soda, but I do treat myself to a Coca-Cola every once in a while because the red and white can and the classic font is just so darn pretty, and it makes me feel like a cool kid to have one in my hand. That is the goal of these big companies and their logos, to make us feel like cool kids when we use their products. [via]