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Who Lies on Their Resumes?

By | source: Apr 5th, 2013

Serious y’all? I can’t believe almost 46% of resumes stretch the truth. I’ve been busting my ass building my resume since I first left for college, now four years in I have a polished plethora of experience across multiple fields. Now I’m thinking, why didn’t I just lie about all of it?

The fact is, you want to perform well at your job. Lying about previous expertise can put one in a pickle once they start their occupation. Making simple mistakes and being oblivious to your industry’s jargon are telltale signs of a deceptive resume. With the job market how it is though, more and more people are taking extreme measures to ensure employment. Lying about degrees, past positions and inflating previous salaries are prime examples.

One program helping to combat the false resume is LinkedIn. I have my resume up for all to see online, and my previous employers and coworkers can literally verify my experience. I have references and resume endorsements from real people that any potential employer can contact. Using linkedIn for hiring is a must and the statistics in today’s infographic only reinforce the fact that not everyone is honest. [Via]