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Apple in China

By | source: Sep 26th, 2011

As a fan of both Apple and China I found today’s infographic to be quite entertaining. China is a country with a blossoming economy causing Americans to quake in their boots in fear of a takeover. Apple is an innovative prospering money making machine. The two of them together seem like the perfect couple. However that does not seem to be the case.

According to today’s infographic Apple in China not everything is so peachy between the two. Can’t really blame China for being a little upset at Apple considering it has poisoned 137 employees working at a firm creating Apple products. Apple always sells itself as the green company, but 27 of their supplier supposedly have severe pollution problems. Although thus far it only seems like Apple is hurting China, it has actually been a pretty good relationship.

Apple gets cheap labor at about $10 a day and China sees revenue of $8.8 billion or about a 330% revenue growth. One of the more interesting things in today’s infographic are the reported fake Apple stores. Apparently they sell Apple products and the employees even where Apple attire. There have been a reported 24 fake stores found in China. [via]