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Alcohol and Weight Gain

By | source: Nov 10th, 2014

Oh, I miss those college days when my body seemed to be able to consume anything and not gain a gram of extra weight. What happened to those days? Why can’t we be 18 forever? Alcohol is one of the largest contributors to weight gain for adults of all ages. Why? Well it’s tasty, it’s got a habit of making the consumer want more, and finally, it’s FULL of calories.

So you’re into the craft beer scene, I see. Really love those full-bodied, hoppy, alcoholic IPAs? Those are the worst thing you could drink. You could literally eat a pie instead of drinking three Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPAs. But pies don’t get you drunk now, do they?

Here’s some advice for keeping your calorie count down when you’re out having a few. Guinness is one of the more healthy beers out there. Luckily, it’s also delicious. When it comes to wine, keep it red and not too intense. For liquor, stick with a vodka soda, or if you’re hardcore, a vodka water.

Watching my calories has been a new level to growing up I don’t seem to enjoy, but like everything else. educating myself has helped with the transition. [via]