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9 Enjoyable Ways to do Things Alone

By | source: Nov 9th, 2014

I’ve only started to enjoy alone time these last couple of years. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I always felt weird about being without friends in a social setting. Like the strangers there would judge me for being alone. Recently, I’ve thrown those thoughts out, and revel in the enjoyment of no distraction.

Although my main goal is to get into the habit of seeing movies solo, I’ve not yet done it. I have found myself eating a lot more by myself. There’s something nice about enjoying a great meal, focusing on inner thoughts of the flavor aspects in the food, and aesthetics of the eatery. The sounds from fellow patrons, the ting-ing of silverware on plates, the hum of the air conditioning, and laughter sprouting here and there. These things are lost when with company. My thoughts are with the conversation, paying attention to my friend’s body language and opinions.

Socializing is great, I truly enjoy it – but I’m glad I can enjoy myself as well. [via]