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A peek inside GOOGLE

By | source: Nov 29th, 2011

Everyone knows google is a power house. Although I am a loyal safari user, I am so pro gmail its ridiculous, could gchat for days, have more subscriptions on google reader than i can keep track of and last but not least, have google as my homepage. And I know i’m not alone. Which is why the 29.3 billion dollar revenue last year alone is shocking, but not THAT shocking.

What is shocking is that 29.3 billion dollars is more than the GDP of the 28 poorest companies combined. That blows my mind! google is rich enough to take over a continent of poor countries. And even with all of google’s services, products etc., 97% of revenue in 2010 came from advertisements. Some of this comes specifically from AdWords. AdWords target specific, shady customers like the Canadian pharmacies selling prescription pills to Americans.

Another out of this world fact is that that google is visited by a billion visitors monthly, collectively spending 380,265.167 years on google each month! Sadly, I think i contribute to this in a big way with all of the googling and google reading I do each day! [Via]