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Cyber Monday

By | source: Nov 28th, 2011

MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! As it turns out Daily Infographic and Cyber Monday have something in common, most of the views/shopping take place while you are at work. You lazy good for nothings, what am I paying you for? Anyway if you’ve never heard of it, Cyber Monday is like the Black Friday of the internet. Black Friday of course being the Friday after Thanksgiving when everyone goes out shopping at an indecent hour for some pretty good retail savings. Violence has become a regular part of the frenzied event, this year including a woman pepper spraying fellow shoppers for an advantage as well as a men shooting a gun to intimidate shoppers. To read more about some of the Black Friday violence check out this article.

Cyber Monday is a relatively new thing having begun in 2004, however it’s youth has not stopped it from growing in popularity. In 2010 the average transaction was $195 up from the 2008 average of $130. Last year’s Cyber Monday also saw a record amount of total money spent the total coming in at $1.03 billion. If you want to save the money, but were too lazy to get up this past Friday you may want to check out some Cyber Monday deals. [via]