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A Muggle’s Guide to Harry Potter Locations

By | Jul 20th, 2016

The world of Harry Potter is full of magic and fantasy and very real, very beautiful British locations.

I waited with baited breath and more hope that I’d like to admit for my letter on my 11th birthday, and I’ve spent my fair share of daydreaming time on the Hogwarts express, but “fully suited in Gryffindor robes”? Nu-uh, mate. Hufflepuff for life! Gryffindors think lions are so noble and brave but they’re really like “Whatever, I’m a cat. Maybe I care, maybe I don’t.” Badgers are smart and vicious and will take your eyes out before you know what’s happening. Also they live in cool burrows which they actually keep clean.

House loyalty aside, we can all agree that the locations in the Harry Potter movies are stunning. From London to Edinburgh, castle to zoo, every place on this list would be well worth the trip. Lucky for us, we can visit almost all of these places, and there are even special Harry Potter tours that will take you around.

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