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A Comparative Look at State Taxes [interactive infographic]

By | source: Mar 1st, 2011

What’s the tax on alcohol in your state? I guess Texans get a great deal on beer, wine and spirits! Man, this infographic has everything you would ever want to know about state taxes. A big thanks to our friends over at Infographic World for providing this graphic from TurboTax.

Looks like Tax Season is here. You can tell because some people at work complain, while others get excited about that big check. I always end up owing money, so I’m definitely one of the complainers. Actually, I forgot — there’s a third person. The guy who hasn’t paid taxes in a few years and brags about it. Yeah, that guy is usually the same guy who steals office supplies and has pictures of his cats plastered all over his cubical. [via]

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