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20 Awesome Animal Habitats

By | source:Here Sep 2nd, 2017

When it comes to making a home, animals we share this planet have ingenious and resourceful ways to keep themselves warm and protected in the wild. These spectacular animal homes range from nests, mounds, mud houses to burrows and dams.

While some of these master builders prefer living in their own space and on their terms, animals like weaver ants find safety and security in numbers. Perhaps they just don’t want to do all the work of building themselves.

You’ll even come across an incredible habitat that they dwarves the creations of man. The North American Beaver for example has constructed the largest ever animal -made infrastructure on the planet. So large that it can be seen from space. The colossal dam measuring 2,970 ft. long, which can be seen from space, is located at the Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada.

Other homes may not be as impressive in size as that of the beaver, but they show the ingenuity of nature.  For example, caddisflies use silk to construct protection from whatever materials they find.  To admire human architecture, take a look at this schematic.