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The Issues Hollywood Cares Most About

By | source:Here Sep 1st, 2017

I do what I can to pay it forward, but I like to imagine that I’d go wild helping people if I had millions of dollars.

It’s pretty neat to learn that some of my favorite stars have done just that. The awesome people over at have tracked celebrity philanthropy and shared which causes stars are most passionate about.

Matt McGorry, best known for his role on Orange Is The New Black, supports an impressive seven causes: gun violence, body positivity, feminism, animal rights, LGBT rights, climate change and Black Lives Matter.

While he appears to be a jack of all trades, some famous faces pick one cause and stick to it. Ian Somerhalder, for example, launched a foundation to support sustainable energy development and help slow climate change. Yao Ming has campaigned to stop shark fins from being sold in mainland China.

Now that you know exactly where some of your favorite stars stand on big issues, it’s time to ask yourself how well you know them. Would you be able to guess the ages of Hollywood’s most prolific darlings? Try it here.