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50 Health-Conscious Snacks That Are Under 100 Calories

By | source:Here Mar 3rd, 2018

When I’m not hungry enough to eat a full meal, I grab a snack. The problem is, I don’t take calories into consideration, which can lead to some overindulgence. When I found this infographic, I was instantly enthused. Here are 50 snacks that are 100 calories or less. Depending on what you’re craving, you can most likely find a snack on this list that will satisfy. If you’re looking for something sweet, try some frozen grapes. Salty? Try a tuna pouch. There’s an assortment of choices.

Chocolate can actually present itself in many low-calorie options for you to snack on. For example, you can make yourself Nutella-covered pretzels, and that’s only 96 calories. Isn’t that great?

Popcorn also presents itself as a nice option. If you make a proper serving of popcorn with different toppings, you’re getting a low-calorie but flavorful snack. If you have olive oil, lemon pepper, and parmesan cheese, you can easily make a serving of lemon-pepper popcorn that’s 97 calories.

There are many flavorful snack options that can be nutritionally beneficial to you. Who knew that some of these foods could truly be healthy for you? I hope you can take these snack choices and treat yourself to something nice. Want some more snacks to try out? Here are 15 different snacks from around the world.