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10 Companies that Control the Food Industry

By | source:Here Jun 19th, 2017

Here I was thinking that the free market system has hundreds of companies globally competing to earn our hard-earned dollars, but the crowd seems to be alot thinner than I imagined.  This Oxfam infographic paints a much different picture of the food industry and the world we thought we lived in.

When we walk into a store, it’s not immediately obvious that these 10 companies are likely behind most of them.  Everything from the products you use to clean your house and hair, to the breakfast, heat-and-eat dinners, to the snacking and coffee breaks in between. These 10 companies are literally responsible for fueling most of your day.

So how’s that for simplicity? Rather than remembering all these brand names we only really need to know.  Shopping for everything from essential hygiene to food products might be alot simpler.

This reminds me a bit of fast food domination by US burger chains, which to be honest, hasn’t changed a whole lot.