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Zombie Apocalypse: How to Soup Up Your Jeep

By | source: Jul 6th, 2013

I know the new season of The Walking Dead isn’t set to air for another few months or so, but in spirit of the new found “zombie” craze hitting America, let me ask you one question: When people start turning into blood-thirsty, fleash-eating mongrels, would you rather be driving a lackluster 4-door sedan or a bad@$$ souped up Jeep as your getaway car? I think the answer is easy: the Jeep.

Whether you’re looking to get your car “zombie-ready” when Z-day hits, or you just want to upgrade your ride for fun, Jeep has all the necessary parts you will need. From durable tires, to impenetrable hard top covers, Jeep parts will keep you safe from those flesh-eating undead that have come to haunt your dreams.

Additionally, Jeep offers spare Jerry gas containers and heavy-duty roof racks in case you run out of gas on your way to grandma’s house for dinner, or if you are running from zombies.

With that being said, here is a quick guide on how to soup up your car so that it will be ready for any problems headed your way (post-apocalyptic or not).