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You Can Guarantee Your Bed Is Its Bed

By | source: Jul 10th, 2013

For many, cats are the ideal pet. They can take themselves to the bathroom. There is no hassle like when you have to take a dog outside. Cats are small enough to exercise indoors. They clean themselves frequently and don’t usually have bad breath. They do not usually beg for food. They are all around fun animals but one thing is certain when it comes to cats… You can guarantee your bed is its bed.

The cat will dominate your sleeping area and use it as its own personal mansion. One can wake up with a face full of fur as the cat is sleeping on the owners face. One can wake to a start when the cat decides that your feet become its play-toys. While you are away or maybe just in the next room you can find that cat sleeping at the foot of the bed and wonder, “why don’t you sleep there every night?” As you try to sleep or just hang out in your room, the cat will periodically get up and stretch in a particular spot. For mine, it will be right by my pillows, which he knows I don’t like, so he can sleep on them like he’s that prissy cat from Tom & Jerry. Also, there is always a designated launchpad that your cat will use to make its great jumps to every piece of furniture it can by way of your mattress.

The territorial outline on the bed featured in this infograph may not be the same on all cat owners beds. Whether you have a cat or had a cat, one can attest to the fact that a cat will do exactly what it chooses regardless of what you like.

I think people could stand to learn a lot from a cat. [Via]