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You Are What You Eat At Work

By | source: Mar 8th, 2014

Good morning, internet. If you’re into food as much as any other human being on the planet is, then this infographic is worth your time. Our friends over at gave us this infographic that depicts the relation between the food that people eat and their work productivity. So if you happen to be getting ready to go to work today, hopefully this little food-for-thought summary of the types of eats you’ll need will affect your meal plan for the day.

Those who eat fruits and vegetables regularly are 20% more likely to exhibit  better performance in the workplace. Eating healthier in general seems to affect work ethic. In fact, those who showed healthy habits were 25% more likely to perform better as well as 27% more likely to show up to work.

If you’re worried about not knowing just exactly what healthy means when choosing what to eat, a good starting point would be to set yourself up with a plate of salmon, glazed carrots, and red roasted potatoes. The salmon is a good source of iron, which will kick you right out of the ranks of the 30% with iron deficiencies whose work performance was less than acceptable. The carrots will boost your immune system as well as your eyesight, which makes them just an all around super food for humans. Even the potatoes will help you out which are rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6.

There’s more interesting information on this infographic about a healthy work performance, but I’m afraid this is where my journey ends this time, internet. So eat healthy and stay productive! [via]