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Why Good Writing is Needed for Better Jobs

By | source: Oct 23rd, 2014

I’m about to throw you for a loop. People who are good writers are better at their jobs, no matter what that job might be. Shocking, I know. Good writing skills are essential for any type of job you could possibly have. Why? Haven’t you ever composed an email to your boss? If it was full of grammatical errors, I bet they’re looking at you in a different light.

The way you write can say a lot about you. According to the research done by Grammarly for this infographic, writers make fewer errors than other professionals. They usually get paid better per job, too, especially if they’re into engineering and manufacturing. Who knew those fields needed strong writers?

Although this infographic focuses mainly on freelance writers of all backgrounds, the takeaway is still the same. Writing well will get you farther in life and your career than writing poorly. Never fear, though. If you need some help in the writing department, give the Grammarly website a visit. Not only will this writing-enhancement tool instantly proofread your text and correct your grammar mistakes, it also checks your content for plagiarism.